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Humanity is seeking for liberty and the end of corruption in government. Prophecy forewarned that unrest and revolution would become more and more frequent. Can the cycle of oppression ever be broken? The Bible reveals the answer. Read more...

HOW COULD ONE MAN SAVE THE WORLD? One theme weaves its way through Bible—Jesus died to bring life to a dying world. But how? The answer becomes the foundation to understanding every other Bible truth.
VIEW PAST ISSUES: Current events & issues from a Biblical perspective.

This fascinating Chart is a road map of the entire plan of God found in
His Word. Explore with greater understanding times, events and Bible characters as they progress throughout history.

Receive personalized answers from our most qualified teachers. Get straightforward and detailed answers with Scripture references.
Harmonize God’s Word and fortify your faith.

Learn the most effective study methods used by Bible scholars: context, topic, symbol, type and antitype, and time frame. Examine the Scriptures with a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Discover the harmony of the Scriptures as you take this self-paced Bible study course online which follows the valuable topical texbook, The Divine Plan of the Ages.