[R65 : page 3]

"As Unknown and yet Well Known."

Strangers here--
Not a link with earth unbroken,
Not a farewell to be spoken;
Waiting for their Lord to take them
To Himself, and like Him make them.

Strangers here--
With their hearts upon a treasure
That has dimmed for them earth's pleasure,
Lamps well trimmed, and brightly burning,
Eyes forever upward turning.

Strangers here--
Earthly rank and riches losing.
Worldly ties and claims refusing.
On to Christ in glory passing.
All things there in Him possessing.

Strangers here--
But in Him their hearts are resting,
Faith looks up in days of testing,
Follows Him with true allegiance,
Loves to walk in His obedience.

Well know there--
Oh, what joy for Christ to take them
To the Father, who will make them
Welcome in His mansions yonder,
Strangers here--to be no longer.