Church & Government

Bible Question: Is it is against Bible principles to vote?

Answer: We should obey the laws of this country, but that does not necessarily mean a participation with the world in the functions of government. Our advice would be that we maintain a strict neutrality in respect to politics, and avoid voting. But this is up to each one's own reasoning. These are not direct commands. Our reasons are these:
(1) We could not hope to find on any electoral ticket persons thoroughly competent for office, according to our standards of judgment.
(2) Those of the New Creation who engage in politics and its various arguments find not only their time consumed thereby, but also their energies and their means— all of which are consecrated to the Lord, to heavenly things, to promulgating the good tidings of great joy. And not only so, but their minds will necessarily be occupied with these political interests to such a degree as to hinder considerably their private meditations on the better things—their communion and fellowship with the Lord in spirit.
(3) Those who vote for a man or a party become more or less obligated to support the results of the election, if necessary with guns and bombs. We are not saying that we should not defend ourselves, but if we have voted for a government that becomes aggressive towards other countries, or trys to promote a takeover to secure this countries oil interests, or other selfish interests, then we may be partly responsible for these un-Christian acts because of our vote. Our preferable position, therefore would be that which the Scriptures indicate, the position "as stranger" or as if we were aliens in this land — not part of this country's citizenship. (Psa. 39:12;1 Pet. 2:11) Aliens must be obedient to the laws; so must we. Aliens must pay taxes according to the laws; so must we. Aliens may look for protection under the laws; so may we. But aliens would not feel compelled to fight against their own King (Jesus), the allegiance which they recognize primarily; and we would prefer to be in the same position, so far as possible, for are not we "translated out of the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of God's dear Son"—in its embryonic condition? Col. 1:13 The kingdoms of this world more or less identified with "the prince of this world," and his law of selfishness, and therefore the Lord is in the process of tearing them down to make way for His kingdom. If we "support" the world governments by our vote, we may be working against our Lord and what He is now doing. His purpose is to let mankind experience selfishness at the hand of rulers — resulting eventually in mankind (the Lord's great army in Scripture) overthrowing these worldly systems and bringing about what the scriptures call the battle of Armageddon. We certainly don't want to be unwillingly working against our Lord's plan. The best action is to step aside and let Him do His good work. War and disasters now befalling the world are not desirable from one standpoint, but from the long-range standpoint these conflicts will lead mankind to desiring the Kingdom under the perfect ruler, Christ, which will only come after mankind has learned the lessons from experiencing man's selfishness, greed, and sinfulness. One thing to remember is that all who will have died in war, starvation, etc. will have a resurrection. They are not lost forever. In fact, they may be better off in a way because they will not have to experience any more of this world's troubles and pain. They will "sleep" in the grave until the new order, the Kingdom of God, is established, and then they will learn and experience righteousness. Isa.26:9